Friday, February 20, 2009

Grandma's here Grandma's here

my grandma just flew in 2 nights ago - yippy. She is just now figuring out that we don't have T.V. and she's a big News and Dr. Phil fan..... oh no... yikes! no T.V. for a month!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Tri-athlete Life

When you are told you can’t do something you do it just to show that you can. When your dreams exceed the limits of reality you do everything in your power to make that fantasy as real as possible. My name is Ariel Henbest and I have goals. I have dreams; things that I want to achieve just to say, “I’ve done that before. It’s possible for you as well.” At the age of 18 (2 weeks younger than record holder) I finished the World Championship Ford Ironman of 2008. It wasn’t easy.
Growing up I’ve had many dreams. I always thought that girls shouldn’t be any different than guys in their abilities, other than brain power of course. (jk,jk) Really, I’ve always tried my best to do better than the guys on my team, the other team, in school, and pretty much every guy I’ve met. They can’t beat me. Why should they be able to? I have just as much heart and endurance that they have about this sport. I always wanted to be the fastest one in flag tag at school, and I was one of the top. Then I wanted to be the best basketball player (I still do, it’s my favorite sport) and well, I was a starter in middle school. I had the speed and the love for the game and we were one game away from states! Then I wanted to be the fastest hurdler in track. Never did hurdles until the day before my first meet and I went to states for the 300 hurdles, long jump, and the 4x4 relay.
Here in Hawaii I wanted to be a good volleyball player on the beach. You better watch out when I serve and on a good run. It just might be a little difficult trying to get the ball back on your side. Then, I did Peaman; swimming, biking, and running. They were small events but I still got noticed for a talent. So I decided to do the qualifying race for the Championship Ironman. It took place on the day of my birthday and what a gift it was because I placed.
I became the youngest female to ever finish the World Championship Ironman that year, 2008. It’s a record set at 18. There are so many other things that I want to do in life. Travel, ski dive, model, learn different languages, and just to do the impossible, live life to the fullest.
My point to this story (it’s a true story by the way) is that we all have dreams and we all have those people that tell us you can’t do it. It is a stretch from reality, but you can. Don’t let them ruin your dreams, if you want to be a lawyer, push yourself when no one else believes in you. It’s ok if you mess up, just get up and try again. All those goals I’ve made I have never met. I’ve only got a piece of them but I still pushed myself and got a taste of a little glory in each event. The Ironman…. My time wasn’t exactly what I hoped for but I finished.
It’s all about trying your best to show your capabilities. Show the world that there is something in you that can benefit everyone. Reach for the stars-its encouragement.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

When witches go riding,and black cats are seen,the moon laughs and whispers,‘tis near Halloween.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Presidential Voting!!

Now, who votes for McCain? Hands up hands up high... now who votes for Obahma? Come on stretch.... higher! Do people know who they are voting for and why? Today it's a popularity contest so alot of people. I have been looking around on the interenet for people that have been interveiwed on their opinion and well, most of them didn't even know what they were talking about. My dad sent me an email on an interveiw - Obahma wins or loses (not really) because of his color. It was an interview with african americans voicing their opinion and being asked questions. ' " So do you support Obahma in his pro life decision?" ' alot of people said yes - sorry that aint Obahma's opinion. That is McCain and Sarah's wants. I honestly think that it should not matter color, gender, or where you came from (as long as you live in the US). We should all have to pass some sort of test to vote. If you don't know why you voting or what you voting about then what are you doing voting. You should know the background of your runners and or what they are about. The votes are not supposed to be based on favortism or ethnicity(racism, gender) It should be whose got a head on their shoulders and are going to run this country to our benefits. Fairly and right. Thats my opinion. I not voting this year because i dont know enough to have a strong opinion on who i want - so i probly have no right in saying any of this. but, be smart about your choices and know why you making them. step out of your bubble and stand for what is right - not only what you know.

Ariel ----- i hope i dont regret writing this. these are just my thoughts. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ironman...over :(

October 26th, halloween is almost here. 2 weeks past ironman, what a recovery. Lets just say i made it past the finish line before midnight. Ok, ok, you ready... it took me 16 hours 46 minutes and 11 seconds. (16:46:11) Not the best time in the world but it's no where close to the worst because i made it. How many people can say that. Only a handful and i am crammed into the bunch. I am proud to say that i am an Ironman (not a girl but not yet a women) and the youngest female to ever complete the World Championship Ironman. Thanks to all the support out there and the volunteers I made it. It was raining baked potatoes(if you know me, you will understand), alot of pain but tasted very good when i crossed that finish line. I probly did my best in the swim, came out at a descent time so that made me happy . Another part that made me happy was seeing the line of people on alli'i drive screaming as i was running to the finish line. The best part of the whole race was seeing the volunteers. Volunteers to me are not just the people that played security roles or passing out drinks, but the people that stayed out there all day long cheering us on. Going out to hawi on that bike ride was pretty lonly, especially when you coming in right before cutoff time and you will see groups of people cheering you on at the different stations. Also, you will sometimes see one or two people sitting out on their long chairs screaming at the top of their lungs for you to finish when no one else is around. That takes alot of commitment to stay out there that long by yourself. And the music when i was running was great. Seeing some school mates out there on the highway dancing to the music and excited because they had no idea you were in the ironman. This whole day was an adventure all on its own. Meeting people from all over the world, small, foreign, huge, interesting, nice, and just full of energy. Ok, i can ramble on about the same thing for hours and say the same things over and over again so i'm just going to stop my self here.

Thankyou bree wee for cheering my on (saw her in the bike transition), thankyou volunteers and cheering spectators for being out there for us, thankyou to the people that got me started - peaman, tridaddy coaching (coach eddie herd), oliver(cycle station), saturday morning ride (bike works), steve (masters swimming), eric neilson-pipes (professional help and attention), and school for gettting me started in volunteering to help out with the ironman. Thankyou to my parents for paying for 90% of the expences and for volunteering, thankyou jessica henbest (my lil sister) for saying "we're not going home till you do ariel" and sticking with me for the last 12 miles - that was just a boost that i needed(honestly it brought tears to my eyes, i will cheerish that moment because i think that is the nicest thing you ever said to me, and i may never hear it again, lol) thankyou mom for attempting to walk my speed (lol), (for the sign and keeping track on me throughout the bike ride, Thankyou dad for sticking with me for the last 12 miles - it was funny you went to the bathroom more in that last 12 miles than what i did that whole race - you also sang to me jk jk. I thank the Chuch for watching for me and cheering me on, Phill came down there and actually walked with me as well for a little while. Thankyou Chrissy Wellington for putting a lei on me when i crossed the finish, Thankyou Pizza Hut for your support and gifts - Christal, Chris, Whitney, Zach, Mom, Dad, Jessica, Chrissy Wellington, Santiago, Leslie, Coach Eddie Herd, Pomai, Brad, and i'm sure many others, the Croud - thankyou for being there for me all the way. I can now say I have completed the Ironman and it will be with me forever. I hope to come back next year and improve on time dramatically , lol...

Aloha, and Mahalo....


Monday, September 8, 2008

what a weekend...

I am so lucky. I've been trying to make it on my own... I want to make it on my own. It's a challenge and well this past week has been very unpredictable in every step I have taken. Ok, I spend most of my time at school. I love school, study study study! It's great when you only have two classes to worry about. Well, lets just say my car broke down - I never dreamed of a cop escort - front seat, Mustang with all the hook ups. That thing had an engine on it and it was standard, OMG I have never had a ride like that one before. With a cop, or even in that type of vehicle ( i was pretty stoked-). So, I got a sweet ride into town.
Before the breakdown occured, I was going to my friends house to pick her up. - she needed a ride to work and I figured I was heading that way to go home neways that I would help her out - on my way up to her room I found a crumpled 100 doller bill!!! Whats the odds of that but I thought about it and well, I know that my friend tends to think she is putting the money in her purse but really isn't. So, me feeling kinda guilty thinking it was hers asked if she's missing money. As much as I hated giving that hundred doller bill it made me feel much better because I was being honest - (she gave me 25 dollars for being honest too). It pays off - what comes around goes around.
The day before this my boyfriends clutch gives out on his car - what luck, but he did find a good deal. To replace a clutch and steering wheel - $850.00 total - not bad.
What a week, I tell ya, at least I live right next to my boss and work the same hours as her - me and her are going to be the best of buddies now! She also has a daughter with the wildest mind for a 9 year old. Her name is Aroura- Sleeping beauty - I don't think i spelled her name correctly but she's awesome. I help her with her homework sometimes and well it's great. Makes me miss my little sister, Jessica, alot.
I'm living out in the country - which I love, I think my parents(family) understand why- and things are just great.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

good morning athletes..america...readers...

Yes, this morning a short workout out but tough. Afterwards, I obviously took a shower and well on my way to school i went to McDonalds... not healthy or good but the apple pies are ok, and on my way in there was a pregnant lady standing out side asking for spear change to buy breakfast with. Me, I felt really bad but i remember my dad talking about people like that and how they are sometimes just doing for drugs or dont really even need the money. Just making more than the average person that actually works. So, sadly i told her, "No, I'm sorry. I don't have spear change." While i was inside i thought apple pies are 2 for a doller. So, I bought 4 apple pies. One for me and the other three for her - she said she was hungry. I gave them to her as i walked out and she said " thankyou, thankyou, godbless you." As I got into my car i was watching to see what she would do - she walked straight to the trash can and through them away. I'm glad i didnt give her a 5 doller bill. It's really sad when people like that are out there. It makes it hard to help them when you don't really know if you are being robbed or being a helpful citizen to someone in need. My day has just begone - 10 a.m. - i hope i don't see her up there after my first class. It's amazing what people will do to make money - lower themselves to a homeless status.

oh well, its a choice i guess. We all have a choice in what we do, i just hope its for the better.